Santa Fe Markets Jewelry

Santa Fe Markets Jewelry

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine.

Turquoise Mines

Every piece of turquoise is unique because of the different mines that they come from. Different mines in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona produce their own kinds of turquoise in unique colors and shapes. 

The Kingman Mine is one of the oldest and highest producing turquoise mines in America. Producing a large quantity of beautiful sky blue turquoise, the Kingman Mine has been one of the largest turquoise suppliers for nearly as long as the turquoise jewelry industry has existed.

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is located in Globe, Arizona and produced a large amount of turquoise. The turquoise from this mine is produces a vibrant light to medium blue turquoise. 

The Emerald Valley Mine is located in Nevada and produces a beautiful blue and green hued turquoise that makes it very valuable to both jewelers and collectors.



Chip Inlay Technique

The chip inlay technique is the process in which dry stone, usually turquoise or coral, is used to fill a groove in jewelry. We slightly overfill the groove with the crushed stone and glue with a small tool or toothpick. Next, we sand down the hardened stone to make it smooth and polish the piece to give it a finished look. 

Here we are filling the jewelry grooves with the stone and glue mixture.